Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fire Station 53

Fire Station 53 is located near Portuguese Bend on Palos Verdes Dr. South. I drive by there often, but this was the first time I noticed the mail box. I bet every little kid would make that the #1 stop on a tour of the peninsula.

I've also figured out that my camera has a "vivid" color setting when the selection wheel is on "P". It's taken me a year to take the advice of expert photographers (Babooshka & Abe Lincoln) and finally read the manual!

Do you read manuals first or do you start using the gadget right away & read later?

I just realized Abe is back in the hospital. Please send your well wishes his way.


Bibi said...

Red, red, red! Love both engines. Well, I must admit that I try to figure everything out by myself first, at least when I'm using a fairly familiar object (camera vs. computer installation!) and of course frequently get frustrated and lower myself to reading the manual.

What camera do you have that has that bright color setting?

Julie said...

I go out and fiddle for about 2 weeks and then come back in and laboriously read the manual and press everything they say to.

I think this is an age based thing - my 27 yo son would never be caught dead reading the manual.

Tash, I have a very large monitor and your fire-engine post does not display well on it. I know that sometimes my posts do not display well on my work monitor which is much smaller than my home monitor. This makes me conscious of how posts display. Do you have any ability with html or do you just use the visual method that Blogger provides? At the moment, your first sentence is displayed on my monitor in a 2 character column down the RHS of the smaller of the two images. Can you repair that or do you wanna chat about it?

Tanya said...

Love that mailbox and the vividness really works!

No, I haven't read my manual but mean to. I guess it's evident in my photos,lol.

I don't like my current camera. I had one I loved but Braden and Dalton broke it a while back. This one I can't stand, but maybe would like it better if I understood it,lol.

Dan said...

Not only are your pics technically fantastic but you also have a wonderful subject. Love that mailbox!

As for me, I jump right in and start playing with my new baby but I also read the manual pretty regularly. When I got my new 50D, I read through the manual once. Now I make it a point to browse at least one chapter a week and identify a new control to experiment with.

Dragonstar said...

I love it! It's the prettiest I've ever seen!
Thanks for participating - ABC Team.

Knoxville Girl said...

love that truck-on-a-stick.
and I confess to be a manual reader, tres geek. and now in my old(er) age, a manual re-reader, as the data won't stick in my grey matter as quickly as it used to. zut.

altadenahiker said...

At least you finally read the instructions. I just can't, which is funny, because I've written such things. But I always write from the viewpoint of user. Most don't. Abe was writing some beautiful stories about Christmas past, and I can't wait until he picks it up again. What a gent.

Marie-Noyale said...

I'll try to find my manual... may be I have the same setting!!!

magiceye said...

this is lovely!

will refer to the manual after experimenting a bit on my own...lack of patience!

Maya said...

Manual? What is a manual? Oh, right, that thing gathering dust in the corner. I must pick that up sometime... maybe I have a "vivid" setting too!

Love the fire trucks!

roentarre said...

Stunning image in deed!