Sunday, December 14, 2008

Color at Peninsula Center

As I browsed thru my recent posts, I thought a bit of color was needed. The background is a huge painting at Gilt Edge Framing (and original art) store and the reflection of a bit of the Center.
The sign going up the hill at Hawthorne Blvd. & PV Dr. N. caught my eye - it encourages us to shop, dine, & do business locally. The trail visible is part of many horse trails in Rolling Hills Est.

Is your Chamber of Commerce encouraging shopping locally?


Laurie said...

And what beautiful color it is!

Virginia said...

Great shots and I hope with this economy that they are encouraging shopping locally!!

marley said...

Very colourful.

They are trying but they just seem very half hearted. A plastic ice skating rink (I know!), a quater of the christmas lights not working and no free weekend car parking. A long way to go still.

Kris said...

All the local business association does here in Hobart here is complain. If they were a bit more positive and encouraging, maybe people might listen to them.

babooshka said...

An image within an image and so pretty. Yes we are being encouraged to shop locally but so many shops has recently closed. Online for me.

Powell River Books said...

In Powell River, many stores have closed in this tough economy, so we always try to shop local. We have found that just about everything we want is available in town and goes on sale if we are willing to wait. Internet shopping has added shipping costs and import duties if it comes from the States. If you go shopping outside of town you have to add on about $100 to get there and back by ferry. We do shop in Bellingham when we visit my mom for a few items that we know are cheaper, but it always makes us feel a little guilty. - Margy

Marie-Noyale said...

I have not seen such a sign ...Yet!!
But I 've the feeling it will come.
The first shot is a great color addition to the post.
I am envious still have flowers and leaves in the trees!!!