Sunday, January 25, 2009

Local / International (2 things challenge)

House designed by Richard J. Neutra in "domesticated version of International Style of the late 1930s" found locally.
Beckstrand House, 1940 (Architectual Guidebook to LA, Palos Verdes North, entry 23)
Richard J. Neutra
1400 Via Monte Mar, Palos Verdes Estates
The house is very difficult to see as the foliage covers most of the view of the house from all accessible sides. Hopefully the spectacular view of the coastline and ocean from the house can still be seen. The architecture seems dated now but it was extremely innovative for its time and very unusual for Palos Verdes with mostly Spanish or Mediterranian style buildings.

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roentarre said...

Interesting image in deed

Anonymous said...

I think the architecture of the house is worth seeing.
The garden seems to be a great masterpiece too.

Palm Axis said...

Living in a box of light overlooking the Pacific. I could be o.k. with this.

Pasadena Adjacent

Maya said...

I like all the windows. I'd sure like to see the view from inside that house!

Dusty Lens said...

I enjoy the Mediterranean style, a desire to revisit internationally.

Ken Mac said...

love Neutra. I have a Taschen book of his work, excellent. Nice shot.