Saturday, January 17, 2009


The back of the building at Malaga Cove Plaza, remineded me of photos I've seen of Irish streets with windows low by the street.

The posting selection process still puzzles me - I intended to post a lovely 1937 apartment building ... but right now this photo has the most pull. I think the experience is somewhat like that of a writer editing a work - selecting what remains is often not logical.

In the Miraleste Library Book Club, we read Kay Ryan's poetry for the January meeting. Here is her poem that describes the essence of editing... or is there even more meaning there?

Words especially
are subject to
the chemistry
of death: it is
an acid bath
which dissolves
or doubles
their strength.
which pleased
drift down
as sediment;
iron trees
grow from filament.

— Kay Ryan, 1997, Elephant Rocks: Poems


Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...




alice said...

I really ought to come here more often, your photos are so special, with a very particular light and atmosphere according to my French eye, no so used to so a large sun! But we are so numerous now, I miss time to visit many CDPB...
I wish you a good week end!

Petrea said...

Less is more!

Knoxville Girl said...

go with what feels right - the universe flows.

Cafe Observer said...

This reminds me of photos I've seen of Pasadena & So Pasa streets with low windows - particularly that old church on Fremont Ave.

Laurie said...

I love this.

ANd that poem rocks!

Babzy said...

thanks for your nice comment on my blog ,i like very much the poem !

altadenahiker said...

Wow, we're all channeling. PA and I were talking the other day about inspiration; where it comes from. We both laughed and admitted -- no idea. It just pops into the head. Try for it, and inspiration hides.

Kuanyin Moi said...

Lovely photo and poem. Ahhh, editing!

Fio said...

Intriguing words of "Chemistry"... of your post too!

Daisy said...

When my sister and I were very, very young we used to walk around there and explore endlessly. Lovely picture with the roofline and the shrubs in the background.

Virginia said...

I understand perfectly. Trying to please myself and so many others at the same time often eludes. Who to satisfy? Myself first? You tell me. I have mixed feelings.

humanobserver said...

I loved the colour of the wall..

angela said...

Your photos are all so lovely. I like this one , the light and colours are so mellow and the building looks well settled.
The poem pleases me too. I don't know the poet at all but will note the name for future reading. I wish I could apply the science of editing to the spoken word.

Lori Lynn said...

This is terrific. I love the people in this photo.