Thursday, December 3, 2009

Swimming with Hockney

Art project created by Robin Kiss.
"These watercolor paintings were inspired by David Hockney's swimming pool works. The students studied warm and cool colors and used watercolors and colored pencils to emphasize visual texture." Artwork by Dapplegray Elementary School, 4th Grade, Mrs. Loewner's class on display at La Salsa restaurant.
"Art at Your Fingertips is a Palos Verdes Art Center school-based program. Founded in 1975, this volunteer program annually brings quality visual arts education to nearly 7,000 elemenatry school students at the public and private schools on the Palos Verdes Peninsula."


Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful, they did a great work!

Virginia said...

Oh I would so have had my talented third graders doing this. We were all about art and artists and I wanted to show off their creative spirits. Bravo to these wonderful budding artists.

Bibi said...

I would love to see these in person. I like David Hockney very much.

Antjas said...

Swimming pool colors are gorgeous and the water, sun and shade are constantly changing to form different patterns and designs on the pool floor. I think that is what I will miss most about our swimming pool which we just dug out in October and replaced with grass.

Anonymous said...

I like the results of their work

Paula said...

I think teaching children art is one of life's great pursuits and I appreciate all the people who make projects like these happen.