Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stepping Off the Curb with a View

Today, after a good rain yesterday that left some snow on the local mountains, it is again clear and sunny; and looks like this photo that I took a couple weeks back from Covecrest Dr, just above our neighborhood. The view is of the Santa Monica (or South) Bay, toward Santa Monica.
I'll be adding a smaller photo of the fall color - Southern California style - with flowers and turning leaves both. The same Sweetgum tree as I posted last week, provided this color.


Tanya said...

What a pretty view for walking! And gorgeous leaves! Have you ever heard of Julian? We used to love to go there in the fall!

Almost Precious said...

Lovely view and wonderful photography. The perfect combination of everything, water, sky, and mountains.

Went out to California to visit my sisters in Sept. and I'm ready to go return. One has a farm in Ojai and, to me, Ojai will always feel like home.

Cezar and Léia said...

It's beautiful!
What a fabulous view from this point and also outstanding that second composition.
This sunny day is a gift, isn't it?
Here I almost forget how looks like the sun! LOL
And it keeps raining in this December!
Hugs dear friend!


Vogon Poet said...

Great view and great weather, your fall colors are unbelievable!

marley said...

So we are well and truly in winter now and you've still got the glorious autumn colours. Not fair!

Fran said...

Tash, I noticed the Pasadena mural on your other blog - maybe the Pasadena Public Library has information about it. I really appreciate that you look up your photos in reference books and Wikipedia so that you have reliable information about the history of the landmarks. Fran

Anonymous said...

I'm noticing the walker is dressed warmly. I should take a hint. The temperature change always trips me up. Fall color is firey

Paula said...

I'm glad the storm didn't hang around and cause a lot of damage, I'm sure that's always worry now.

Sweet gums are pretty trees anytime of the year but their fall colors are are so warm looking.