Monday, November 1, 2010

November Theme Day: Public Transportation

At first, I was going to post a blank everyone knows, public transportation is an oxymoron for the LA area. But we do have regular bus service linking PV to the LA basin, and my son used it once in a while to get to Torrance or friend's house in PV. The 344 goes to Artesia Transit Center, a hub for other destinations such as Downtown LA.
I took the photo thru the windshield of my private transportation, a very reliable 10-year-old, 210,000 miles on the odometer, Honda Accord.
The 1st of the month is Theme Day at the City Daily Photo community of blogs:
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Merisi said...

A nice shot, Tash!

Our Honda Accord was 23 years old when we moved. It was a bit rusty, but still as reliable as ever. We gave it to a charity. I hope it did some more good.

Bibi said...

Ha! That would have been clever to post a blank page! On the other hand, I really like this bus; its colors and all.

brattcat said...

And so the cynic is over-ridden by a bus (-:

Cezar and Léia said...

That bus looks very well care!Great shot!
Léia :)

Wanda said...

Oh my you have a clean windshield! What a great picture. I too drive a 10 yr old Nissan Sentra, 107,000!! I have to drive a while to catch up with your Honda. HaHa

Linda said...

Good to see public transport in LA.
We can boast a 19 year old Peugeot 205 here, manual choke and all.