Friday, August 27, 2010

Selling like hotcakes - Medulin, Croatia (PVDP on Vacation)

"Placinke" (crepes) + a handsome young man (or woman) = lots of sales
Medulin is a popular tourist destination near Pula, known for its sandy (and shallow) beaches. It's a fun place for an evening stroll.
Watching the people watching the artist at work.
Medulin has lots of nice restaurants (including Mexican food) and trendy bars. While I did not drink my favorite Croatian beer Karlovacko at the Blue One, I did have a bottle in the city of Karlovac.
Medulin has a lovely old section (where the buildings are of traditional Istrian stone construction) and is crowned with this church on the hilltop.


Wanda said...

These are just wonderful, Tash. Love the gleaming white against the dark background.

Randy said...

Nice series of photos.

altadenahiker said...

Yes, you slavs are a pretty people.