Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Paseo Del Mar ... (1)

...With pumpkins.


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled just to see you are still blogging. I have been in and out of the fire and lately, been digging through years of accumulated treasures, long since forgotten.

Back on 10 July 2008, you were recently in Everett,
Washington and at the hotel where you stayed they sold you a postcard-size picture of the carrier, Abraham Lincoln, that you promptly sent to me with a short, typed letter. In it was a quote from Bruce Copley, the photographer. The card was from 2003 and was, I guess, when the Abraham Lincoln sailed back into port.

Anyway. I am still around and about but not as nuts as I used to be.

I enjoyed your blog and your photos as well.

Bibi said...

Nice touch of orange in the pumpkins and terra cotta...and is the open gate an invitation to enter or a spooky sign?

Almost Precious said...

Lovely photo. The California Mission style door is a perfect focal point to the Spanish architecture of this wonderful estate.
There's something about doors, either in photography or paintings, that I find charming.

namaki said...

Nice house !!!