Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bud - PVDP on Travel

Budweiser plant in Colombus, Ohio
Layover in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Samuel Adams Boston Lager.


Tanya said...

We went on the Budweiser tour in St. Louis, that was a super cool tour!
Love your photos and the way you photographed your beer is especially neat!

Virginia said...

Beer, not just for breakfast anymore! :) I'll be doing that on our layover I'm' sure!

Marie-Noyale said...

I love the guy with the hat!!!

marley said...

Ahh, Bud! My favourite!

A couple of years ago I met some Americans over here who were horrified that I was drinking Bud. They said it was consider the cheap and nasty beer in the States. When they tried it they said it tasted different to the one that they had at home. As another opinion, is it cheap and nasty over there?


Tash said...

T - I did the same tour in St. Louis in 2002. Really nice brewery.
V - beer is good. beer on a layover is excellent.
M-N - I took the photo for the guy in the hat. I started sketching him 1st & then thought - I can just take a photo.
M - Bud is a working man's beer & Anheuser-Busch's top selling brand (King of Beers). It's inexpensive and light enough to drink a 6-pack easily. It's a bit thin on the flavor for me - that's why I drink Sam Adams or a local brew on tap. Rob (Dusty Lens) seems to enjoy a beer now & then - ask for his opinion. Some interesting facts I found are on

Dusty Lens said...

Can't go wrong with a Sam Adams! How long was your layover?