Thursday, July 22, 2010

More parental care...Red-Breasted Sapsucker

Spyrapicus ruber and offspring, 18 July 2010
We couldn't tell if this was a mom or a dad. The youngster would raise a ruckus when he thought the parent with food was nearby. The trees were just in front of the cabins at the Convict Lake Resort.
(Convict Lake got its name from a group of escaped convicts who were captured in the canyon in 1871. Read all about it HERE.)


Wanda said...

Tash, what a memory you brought back.

When I was in the first grade I had to say a little poem in front of the class... This is how it went.

"A woodpecker pecked out a little round hole, and made him a home in the telephone pole."

I never forgot it!

brattcat said...

Beautiful captures, love the still and also really appreciate the short video.

Birdman said...


Lois said...


altadenahiker said...

Dear little fellow.

Kaori said...

Beautiful bird! I've always wanted to be a red head ;-)
(Thank you for the link!)

spacedlaw said...

Wonderful capture!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Look, a wee video production.

Thats a great story about the origins of Convict Lake. My girlfriend lives in Benton although I tell people it's Bishop