Sunday, March 14, 2010

"26 Miles Across the Sea, Santa Catalina is A-waitin' for..."

My lucky son took these photos on his flight over Catalina Island today. (I had so stay home so it was just him and his flight instructor viewing this amazing scenery.)

Looking NW, past the Isthmus toward the northern tip

"Twenty- six miles across the sea
Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me
Santa Catalina, the island of romance, romance, romance, romance

Water all around it everywhere
Tropical trees and the salty air
But for me the thing that's a-waitin' there-romance..."
26 Miles by The Four Preps, recorded in 1958

The Isthmus of Santa Catalina (with the white Bird Rock).

The cliffs on the "hidden side", the coast not facing the mainland.


Pasadena Adjacent said...

Tell your son how much I love these. You can see the trails. I think these are the first ariel shots I've seen of the island. Lucky boy indeed

Clueless in Boston said...

Lucky son. These shots are great. Next time you should go and shoot a hundred pictures:)

Bibi said...

I remember this song so well....but never have been to Catalina....must do.

Excellent photos---tell your son!

Hey--my WV is 'wingr'--somehow appropriate.

brattcat said...

This is one of those places I've always wanted to go. Excellent aerial shots. Tell you son, 'well done!'

Cezar and Léia said...

Lucky and so talented son! :)
These pictures are outstanding, thanks so much for sharing!

Louis la Vache said...


Such beautiful blue water!

Powell River Books said...

Catalina is a great place. I've been there by boat and plane. My first date with Wayne was to fly to the Catalina Airport for buffalo burgers and a hike. Got a bit scared when we discovered some wild boars, but it's all been uphill since then. Nice to see your son is doing so well with his flying. Is he getting close to license time? - Margy

Jacob said...

Stunning photos...if you son is as good at flying a plane as he is at photography ... well, he'll be a winner!

I've seen Catalina Island many times having lived in LA but never got to visit. Darn!

Melissa said...

Lucky, indeed.. beautiful photos!

Wayne said...

I thought that was a great song back in the day.

I always thought I'd go over to Avalon on visits to CA but it hasn't happened so far.

Naturedigital said...

Beautiful photographs Tash..
Hope you dont mind i ll be following you from now on..

-K- said...

I'm somewhat surprised to say I've never been to Catalina. And its pretty definite that I will never see it from a single engine plane.

ChrisJ said...

Catalina is one of our favorite places. Went there every summer when we had a boat and our kids were in their teens. My oldest son also flew us over there once, also. The runway's a bit bumpy and short!

Nishant said...

These shots are great. Next time you should go and shoot a hundred pictures:)
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HereBeDragons said...

These are beautiful. THat first one really pops!