Friday, April 3, 2009

So long, Longs

Ever since I moved to PV in 1986, Longs Drugs has been my favorite store in the neighborhood. It just had more charm than other drug stores close by. The drug store will still be operational under the CVS logo and floor arrangement. Of the 3 stores on the sign, only Bristol Farms Market is still going strong - I guess it's just a sign of the times.
Longs Drugs - Fate: Acquired by CVS Caremark; Founded: 1938 by Longs brothers; Defunct: 2008; Products: Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Health and Beauty Aids, General Merchandise, Snacks, 1 Hour Photo (ref. Wikipedia)


Cezar and Léia said...

Very nice!Great post!Myabe Bristol Farms stand strong because people are very kind and they offer a good service there!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Kind Regards

Virginia said...

It's happening way too much and too often around here too. I"m posting one this weekend that really made me sad.

Anonymous said...

Signs of the times.

We had thunderstorms last night and lots of rain and lightening.


Vogon Poet said...

I like these slices of life, but I'm sorry that this story hasn't a happy ending. It doesn't end anyway, and this is at least half good.
The shot at night is a nice idea for the post.

Kim said...

Dang. I know the feeling. I shopped at a large Longs in Berkeley for years, and old man Long fronted the money to build a 15 story hospital wing (Long Hospital) on UCSF's Medical Center in the 80s (I worked there a few years afterwards). I don't know if he was a pharmacy school graduate from there back in the day or just doing a good civic deed.
Well, life is full of moving on, and businesses that are family owned change hands when lifespans are over. Longs did a lot for the communities they were in and will be missed.
Super night shot, Tash!

Cafe Pasadena said...

nT, your FAVORITE store? With a Bristol Farms right there?? Is the real nT on vacation from her blog???

Anonymous said...

I'm back! I wonder how many drug stores changes that facility on the corner of York and 64 has gone through

Bibi said...

If I'm not mistaken, Longs Drugs took over what used to be Drug Emporium (terrible name), which was a really good drugstore/all-kinds-of-stuff-store. Longs was awful, in my opinion, at least in those I've shopped in in Washington state.

Melissa said...

The one and only time I ever shoplifted was in that Longs (I was probably 2 and yes, got busted). Mama had pulled the cart next to the Brachs candy display (I was in the front seat) and wandered off to shop. I helped myself (in front of the manager no less). Ah, good times.

Is the Swenson's with the best hot fudge sundaes EV-ER still in that strip mall?