Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

Inside St. Paul's, October 2008
The visit to St. Paul's in October 2008 had me sobbing with feeling of loss when I saw the makeshift altar with the photos of the innocent victims of 9/11. I did not photograph it. But I remember them.
Historic St. Paul's Church, October 2008


Miguel Martinez said...

Bonito homenaje.
Un saludo.

Almost Precious said...

Tash, a lovely and tasteful post about a tragedy that will forever be in our hearts.

Wanda said...

How sad we all are....we will never forget. Thank you Tash!

Above the City said...

Sad day.

Revisting your site again made it brighter though. Great lighthouse and Eastern Sierra pictures!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

We shouldn't forget but I did. Actually I came across this through FB...Dr Northrop I think

Whenever I dance a particularly sweet tango with someone, I have the sense that we've just helped prevent a disaster.... that the pleasurable connection has uplifted the planet. So tomorrow, on Sept 11, in addition to remembering those who were tragically lost, remember to also uplift the world through the redemptive power of joy and pleasure.

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I kid you not