Monday, September 29, 2008

Food for Thought ... with Seagull

The white spec on top is what caught my eye when driving by. The gull had a real "birds-eye view" of the streets and the ocean a few blocks away.

The building, located in Redondo Beach on PV Blvd & Pacific Coast Hwy, had many different uses over the years. In the early '80s, it was a dance club called Annabelle's.

It currently houses an upscale grocery store, Bristol Farms, that opened here in 2000. I appreciate the daily tasting offerings of cheese cubes accompanied by spreads such as Dalmatian fig jam. Of course, the marketing strategy works on me every time.

Isn't it interesting how "Bristol" is a popular name for hotels & stores all over the world? I grew up across from Hotel Bristol in Tuzla, Bosnia. I think the word itself gives a feeling of brilliance and glamor.

Same may be true of Annabelle's for clubs - promise of excitement & fun?

Do you have a Bristol or an Annabelle's close by?


babooshka said...

That's an excellent image. Rally retro. I do find it facinating there are so many Bristol named things. Bristol is a place in the UK. Maybe that is the connection.

Tanya said...

We have a Bristol Speedway but since I'm new here, not sure what else yet.
That's an intersting fireplace and cool that they use it for a grocery store.
Back in Ga we had Vultures that would sit on top of our fireplace, much rather have a cute sea gull on top of it,lol.
About Fannie Flagg, the only other FG book I've read is Welcome To The World Baby Girl and loved it. I really enjoy her so I'll have to get the others. I love audio books to listen to while I'm cleaning or driving :)
Have you read the Big Stone Gap series by Adriana Trigianni? REally good, one of my favorites!

Hope said...

I just love that chimney...a great lookout for the seagull! Love the photo!

Sarah D said...

Here in the UK Bristol is not something/somewhere you would automatically associate with brilliance or glamour :D I instantly think boobies as it's common rhyming slang to say Bristol City for titty (sorry I said titty! lol) you can delete this if you want I won't mind!

Knoxville Girl said...

That's an impressive chimney.
Well, round here there's the twin cities of Bristol, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia right at the state line. sarah d made me giggle - learned something new today.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed! A Bristol Farms store in South Pasadena. I seem to arrive near closing time so there is never any free-bees available. God know I look for them.

Fellow blog commenters, PalosVerdes DP is still celebrating the big 5-0 over at Pasadena Adjacent. Check it out, bring a gift

Laurie said...

This makes me want to go rock climbing! I love the high contrast mono -- that is one gorgeous chimney.

PA mentioned the Bristol Farms near me. I've never been in -- I lean toward Trader Joes and Whole Foods so I never manage to make it to Bristol Farms. I used to go to the one in Westwood when I lived on the west side of LA. Great wine selection!

Z said...

My association of Bristol is with the place in UK, which I don't personally know but never thought of as super glam. Seems to be borne out by your UK correspondents here :-) And now, there's the young Palin.

Oh, hey, a belated happy birthday to you! Many happy returns!

High Times at the Hotel Bristol said...

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