Thursday, June 5, 2008

Red Bicycle Art

I drive by this bike every day and still find it amusing. The post is on the corner of Hawthorne Blvd & Ravenspur; the art was placed there year ago by the art enthusiast owner of the adjacent apartment buildings.
For a art-bike of a different color, check out Eric's SaltLakeCityDP.


Hyde DP said...

It looks a bit like an old bike just dumped in a hedge - there are a few of those near us - but they are not works of art like this.

Hilda said...

It's quirky! I like it.

b.c. said...

cool, nice one

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Loved your site! You really have some nice photos.

Louis la Vache said...

The poor bike looks like it was on the losing end of a battle with a semi on the Nimitz Freeway during the morning commute!

For Sky Watch, To fog or not to fog: that is the question.

For ABC Wednesday, at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo, "Louis" continued the theme of his "S" post with the "T" post. HERE is how he did it.

marlow said...

a great shot,
beautiful idea for recycling bike

thanks for your blog

Anonymous said...

Cool :)

babooshka said...

You have made rubbish look very artisitc.

Phil_O'Logus said...

I like this; unusual and great colours.

Eric S said...

That is a pretty cool red bike.
Is that red for danger?
My blue bikes are blue for obvious reasons... :-(
Nobody loves a blue bike