Monday, June 23, 2008

Last Departure

...not for the airplane but for my Dad, who today was on this plane, returning to his native Croatia after living 37 years in the Los Angeles area. "Tata, sretan ti put!"


marlow said...

i wish your dad the best, and people return to their roots.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo.
So you have croatian blood running in your veins?
Croatia is one of the newest countries in Europe and from what I have seen on docs, photos and magazines most amazing.
Hope your Father fully enjoys is comeback.

Palm Axis said...

For a visit or for the rest of his life?

Tash said...

Thank you for your well wishes for my dad. He's going back permenantly and unforutnately he's not is best of health. I'm very much a typical Southern Californian - an immigrant from former Yugoslavia (Croatian dad, Serbian mom, lived in Bosnia from 5-12) and in LA area from then on. My husband and I also had a wonderful time living in Switzerland in the late 80's for 1.5 years. Croatia is very beautiful indeed.

Sarah A said...

I understand from Croatian friends that there are some islands off the coast of the former Yugoslavia that are appear very much like the views of Catalina.
I hope that your father enjoys being back in his former homeland. I have some friends in my church who have a child who is like you in reverse-- Croatian mom with a Serbian dad.