Saturday, January 8, 2011

Malaga Cove School

First permanent school on the Peninsula
Reopened January, 2010
Malaga Cove Administration Center
(from the plaque by the entrance)
I just received this comment on my 2008 post of the school: "I graduated from this school in 73. It was a very special place to go to, fun, and great teachers. When the sun was out it was time to hit the could wait. :)" - Laura


roentarre said...

This building looks classic, yet with style.

Good capture :)

Jack said...

It is beautiful. What happened to the building in the two decades it wasn't a school?

Almost Precious said...

Beautiful Moorish detailing on the tower, almost like a minaret.

Christina said...

Such a beautiful school, and I appreciated it even as a kid when I attended there in the '70s. Glad the school has been renovated and reopened. Is it public or private?

Tash said...

Christina - the school is a PV schools administration center, with some special classes being held in the classrooms. My husband went there in the early 60's and has very fond memories of it too.

Nancy West Johnson said...

It was an intermediate (middle) school when I went there from 1964-1966. There is a trail down to RAT beach where the surfers hung out.