Monday, July 14, 2008

Art on Monday...Mermaid

or "Bakery Sign".
One of four beauties supporting Neptune at the Malaga Cove Plaza fountain which is a replica of the bronze fountain in Bologna, Italy.


Hilda said...


Sigh. I doubt if we'll ever have anything that naughty in public places here in Metro Manila. The Philippines being mostly a Catholic country, it'll just be banned or destroyed.

marley said...

That made me laugh! I've never seen a Mermaid with water coming out like that before!!

Its a great photo. I love the detail in the second photo too.

Steve Buser said...

I was tempted to say that "her cups runneth over" but I think I will refrain. Love the shot.

This week on I have a whole new batch of bird photos. Today momma Egret soars into through the tree ready to feed her brood.

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Her cups runneth over.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Tash,

I have to think this must be a community a step above the rest at least in tolerance. I have never seen a mermaid quite like this one before.

I wanted to stop and tell you that the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln arrived here in Brookville, Ohio today at Noon.

My wife read your letter to me as we were having a bite of lunch and I didn't have my reading glasses.

Thanks for thinking of me and for sending this. I appreciate it a lot. It is an excellent photograph.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Now shouldn´t Miss Mermaid behave in public?
Oh, now I get it ... she heard about the little boy in Brussels that is have a pee :=

Who cares ... it's just a fine piece of art and a great photo.

Virginia said...

The poster girl for breastfeeding I would say.

babooshka said...

This made me laugh out loud. What a fantastic statue. Well done for spotting and taking this. A fabulous image.

spacedlaw said...

Amazing to see this replica!