Wednesday, May 2, 2012


"Stellar Axis" (1992-1997) - Lita Albuquerque
I missed this April's sun alignment thru the Stellar Axis at the PV Main Library, however, I still get to enjoy the interesting sky view every time I visit the library.
 (A cylinder (or “viewing tube”) slices through four floors of lobby space and jutts thirteen feet above the roof. The sun aligns directly overhead two days a year and fills a transparent onyx oval on the floor. See more pictures by clicking lita-albuquerques-zenith-of-stellar.)

Eggsperience Pancakes and Café Restaurant in Chicago (14 April 2012)
On a related "shape" theme, I also very much enjoyed the ceiling ovals and an absolutely delicious "Eleni’s Egg White Delight" omelette for an early morning breakfast during a recent visit to Chicago.


spacedlaw said...

Wonderful ceiling even without alignment.

TheChieftess said...

this is a fabulous shot Tash!!!

Cezar and Léia said...

Charming and elegant place.The first shot is absolutely perfect, wonderful angle and adorable light!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

This shot of the elliptical has so many layers. Fun to look at.

Linda said...

How lovely! I long to have moon or sky tubes in my house. We once stayed in a cottage in the Shetland Isles off the north coast of Scotland (well, halfway to Norway). It had moon tubes, which gave a gentle light to the hallway and glimpses of the starry sky. There's virtually no light pollution up there, and it was just magical.

Powell River Books said...

Makes it a bit like a Mayan temple. It does make for an interesting perspective on the sky. - Margy