Friday, March 14, 2014

IN and OUT of focus at the Grand Canyon, Arizona

IN focus, from Lookout Studio balcony (21 Feb 14)
OUT of focus, from Lookout Studio balcony (21 Feb 14)
On the recent trip to the Grand Canyon, I discovered a wonderful pioneer architect of the Southwest, Mary Colter who designed the Lookout Studio and 4 other interesting buildings/structures on the South Rim of the canyon.


Jack said...

I sometimes take one photo with a distant focus and another with a close focus to see which I like better. This is a VERY extreme version.

Babzy said...

what a view ! :)

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Did you visit them all? She's fascinating. I've been following her now that I know who she is. She did the decoration for the interior of the Alvardo Hotel in Albaquerkie - I was there at the site it once stood at. She's responsible for neo pueblo.