Friday, August 16, 2013

"Moje Žene" --- Zhena Folk Chorus in San Pedro

Zhena Folk Chorus with singer from Zadeshe Ensamble
Croatian Cultural Center, San Pedro, April 2013
Singers (left to right): Kadrije, Natasha (Tash), Betty, Christina, Sylvia, Mutlu, Wendy, Cathy, Eve (our music director) with Shmagi (from Georgia Republic)
I joined Zhena Chorus more than a year ago. We sing Eastern and Central European village songs, and have a truly wonderful time singing and being together. On Sunday, August 18th, we are having a CD release concert at 4 pm at the Corner Store in San Pedro. Come by if you are close by!
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Listen to our latest CD Sedenka (on cdbaby)


Antjas said...

Your title grabbed me before the picture as one of the only things my husband can say is "moja draga žena. It was such a treat to see you!! So much fun to wake up to. The dresses are beautiful. The shoe/sock combo remind me of a pair of Croatian slippers I have, leather on the bottom attached to a long sock. Hope to see more from you. Even though I post very little myself, I keep an eye out for my favorites.

Tash said...

So great to hear from you, A.
I should have said something about the costumes. Norma (not in the photo) is our costume designer and she made them too. She tries very hard to create an authentic look with materials she can find in LA. The chorus also has a wonderful collection of authentic costumes from Dalmatia, Poland, various regions of Bulgaria and Croatia, Czeck, etc. which were donated or purchased.

Jack said...

Hi, Tash. You and your chorus mates all look great. I'll bet you sound great, too. It must give you a lot of pleasure to sing some music from the country where you were born. (I went to Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik in June, as part of a cruise from Venice to Athens.)

Bibi said...

Glad you're back, Tash, and in dancing mode!!

Raksha said...

What a great picture! I love the costumes - Norma is very talented.

Cezar and Léia said...

What an adorable event, I also love the costumes!Congratulations dear Tash!

Almost Precious said...

What a marvelous picture of a lovely group of singers. I'm sure the event of Aug. 18th was well attended and, hopefully, a very great many CD's were purchased.

I will definitely check out your link to

Pasadena Adjacent said...

ok - I thought you had thrown in the towel. I don't get alerts.

Great photo

When was a little kid I collected Alexandra dolls. $7.50 per doll. A small fortune. What made them so attractive was they were dressed in the folk costume (is that politically incorrect?) of their subsequent countries. When I look at you guys in these costumes it brings it all back.

Patrizzi Intergarlictica said...

You all look festive and cheerful. How wonderful to sing!