Friday, March 2, 2012

Theme Day: Electricity - Take 2

SCE Substation, Rolling Hills Estates, CA  (1 March 2012)
Tucked away by PV Art Center, quietly working away to keep PV powered up.
(I originally posted this yesterday in color then changed my mind as being too dull.)


crocrodyl said...

I like this composition with trees!

Bibi said...

I like this photo very much. Better in BW.

Jack said...

I think B&W is often overdone, but this image is wonderfully enhanced by rendering it in monochrome. The spikes of the palms are better in B&W than they would have been in their natural colors.

Loved your comment today. Have you found my house yet?

Powell River Books said...

A reminder of how much power our cities use. I love making my own electricity and managing the use based on generation. But when I get back to town I'm as bad as ever. You'd think conservation would follow, but old ways are hard to shake. - Margy

Pasadena Adjacent said...

missed this - I like